Best Eritrean Food (Compliments of Abay Ethiopian Dishes)



Best Eritrean Food

Though Eritrean foods have been infused with other cuisines, they retain their unique
qualities. There is also an Ethiopian influence on the cuisine of this country.
Eritrea has a wide variety of cuisine, each with its own unique taste. It is easy to find a
variety of dishes at any time or in any place. Here are some Best Eritrean food items:

Shahan Ful

An Eritrean breakfast dish, Shahan Ful is typically served at breakfast. The dish is made
by simmering fava beans in water until they are soft, then mashing them into a puree.

After the purée has been blended, onions, lemon juice, kulet, chili peppers, and
tomatoes are added.
Shahan Ful is sometimes served with yogurt on top and bread rolls on the side. It is
especially popular during the fasting months of Lent and Ramadan


Kulwa is a popular Eritrean dish made of fried lamb or beef chunks with kulet, ghee,
tomatoes, and onions. The delicious sauce is traditionally mopped up with rice or injera
flatbread on the side. Traditionally, tej, a honey wine, is paired with it.


Fir-fir or fit-fit is usually served as breakfast by Eritreans and Ethiopians. The fit-fit is
prepared by using kulet and shredding the injera or kita into pieces, then mixing them
together. The dish is typically made with shredded flatbread, spiced Clarified Butter, and
hot spice key kulet. According to the type of flatbread being used, there are two main
varieties of fit-fit: sourdough injera and unleavened kita.

Zigni (kulet)

The traditional Eritrean dish Zigini with Injera consists of two elements. Zigni, a spicy
stew prepared with berbere spices and beef or lamb cubes, and Injera, a flatbread
cooked on a griddle or stone. Kulets are prepared using cubed meat, oil, onions, garlic,
tomatoes, berbere spices, and cilantro as a garnish.


The dish Hamli originates from Eritrea and is a traditional African dish. The dish is made
up of sauteed collard greens. After steaming until tender, these are sautéed with a blend
of alicha kulet, cilantro, oil, onions, parsley, and tomatoes. It is sautéed until the collard
greens are fully tender and delicious.


This dish is often referred to as Eritrean Panzanella. But it is not made with tossed
tomatoes, but rather with a rich, spicy tomato stew, which is soaked up by crusty bread.
Typically, this spicy tomato and bread salad consists of minced onions, garlic, diced
tomatoes, oil, tomato paste, cayenne pepper, and allspice.
Salads are usually tossed with full-fat yogurt to provide extra refreshing flavors. And contrast with the other ingredients.


There are very few cities in Eritrea that are completely untouched by the influence of social media. There are many amazing islands and attractions to explore in the country, making time spent there a truly unique experience. It is our hope that this comprehensive list of Best Eritrean foods helps you prepare for your culinary experience there.

Since Eritrea was an Italian colony for many years, there are plenty of Italian restaurants in Asmara and other cities. It's awesome to eat their pizza and pasta. It is an option for those who cannot handle spicy local food. There are many cafés, bars, and pastry shops in Asmara. This is a fascinating place to learn about the local culture. Eritrea's food is not expensive, so you won't need a silver spoon to enjoy it.