Abay Ethiopian Dishes is a fairly new, online Ethiopian grocery store,legally registered and operating in Toronto,Ontario Canada.
The owner of Abay Ethiopian Dishes is one of the original Ethiopian-restaurant  cook and
owner, (Queen Of Sheba ) in the early 80’s  in Toronto,Canada.

The owner of Abay Ethiopian dishes,Eden Mesganaw has been a full time Realtor for the past 30 years.. Eden of Re/Max Premier,throughout her career has been one of the top 10-20% successful realtors in selling homes in the Greater Toronto area.Thus planning to lead this company and making it successful, persistently, tirelessly with hard work and integrity  is her passion and destiny

The Vision and Mission statement of Abay Ethiopian Dishes is to supply all Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis and Ethiopian food lovers a healthy, safe and nutritional Kulets (all hot and non-hot, spicy seasoning,foundation or base for all habesha stews or wots) It is a complete,authentic,Ethiopian and Eritreans cooking solution.Just add water and your favourite meat,legumes or vegetable, no experience is required.

The  objective and goals of Abay Ethiopian dishes  is to bring value to Professional Ethiopians,Eritreans,somalis,and all North American - Ethiopian Food lovers, by saving their time,fridge space and money and have a product in their cupboards with over 1 year expiry date to use as soon as they want to. Abay Ethiopian Dishes would like to be rewarded financially for preparing a safe,healthy,vegan,non-dairy base , saving their clients  fridge space, their time,and a great wot (Ethiopian and eritrean stew)at so  much cheaper price than it cost them to prepare it,themselves in their own home.

Abay Ethiopian Dishes will prepare their product at a commercial kitchen located  in Guelph,Ontario .The facility  has federal and provincial licence. What that means is ,the government has inspected the kitchen for cleanliness,and the environment of the facility.The staffs must have  education about food and their dress code must be right and  the  facility must use  officially approved food suppliers.The commercial kitchen  works with scientist and nutritionist regularly, to confirm the description of  the product, content ,the nutritional value and the expiry date of the kulet for  safe consumption.